JD Vormittag

I have never really been comfortable with the post-Cartesian split between science and art.

Early education in our society promotes the fracturing of ideas. One subject is studied for thirty minutes; the mind is cleared; then a different subject is studied for thirty minutes. No linkage is taught or even implied during the transition. In later years, only a select few people ever obtain the critical mass of knowledge and sensitivity to overcome the plague of informational distortion that is disseminated in schools and reinforced by various media. As an artist, despite my exposure to years of scientific indoctrination, I am interested in exploring unconventional, undetected links that connect our cultural rubrics.

Of particular interest to me are the effects of Language, or more specifically, of Information Transfer, be it verbal or non-verbal, gesticulatory or written, cryptic or clear, subtle or overt. Everyday, as billions of humans fling trillions of ideas at each other, people's lives are reshaped under the pressure of new ideas. Whereas the effects of Language used to be local, today the T3 link, the 747, and the satellite make containment of Information nearly impossible. More brains are being rewired at a faster rate. And Information never seeks permission from its new host before setting up long-term residence. I am consistently fascinated by this power, possessed by Information, to commandeer a human brain through Language.

Today's propagandists (be they advertisers, politicians, artists or megalomaniacs) now compete for the attentions of an international audience. As the world continues to shrink, ideas and cultures will clash with greater and greater force. Today's artists have a growing opportunity to study the fallout from these cultural clashes. Many artists will focus on the fracturing of humanity into tribes. I'll be searching for the undetected links that connect our cultures.

JD Vormittag - dvormittag@724.com

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