About the Gallery

    Everything is permitted because nothing is true. It is all make believe, illusion, dream…art. When art leaves the frame and the written word leaves the page - not merely the physical frame and page, but the frames and pages of assigned categories - a basic disruption of reality itself occurs: the literal realization of art. …Success will write apocalypse across the sky. The artist aims for a miracle. The painter wills his pictures to move off the canvas with a separate life, movement outside of the picture, and one rent of the fabric is all it takes for pandemonium to sluice through.

WS Burroughs, Apocalypse

Apocalypse Gallery is a new gallery. Apocalypse Gallery is a new type of gallery. Not fixed at any one physical location, the gallery will instantiate itself at a time and place as needed. The mission of the gallery is to showcase new media art. Art, as Burroughs writes so lyrically, that leaves the frame and the page of assigned category. New media art has the potential to bring together many disparate elements of a fracturing culture. By drawing on many diverse sources, artists have the potential to make statements in completely new ways; not just about the structure and style of what we call art but about the larger scope of society. And perhaps, one of these artists will let pandemonium sluice through.

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