Small Humans

I am currently working on a series of interactive video sculptures titled Small Humans. The sculptures are about technological folly and feature small pluggable LCD video screens.

The small LCD screen plugs into the sculptures with a standard 3 prong electrical plug (they are bright yellow).

To accompany the series I am producing a number of digital C prints based on the videos.

A more detailed thematic description is here.

A set of slides is available here.

Some of this work was shown in my first NYC solo show at the free103point9 gallery. Pics of the night are here.

This work is supported by generous grants from Canada Council for the Arts and the City of Chicago.

Small Humans Building Their Destruction

First of the Small Humans pieces features a large (48"x80") digital print of a tin toy robot.

Small Human Tidying Up The Planet

The second Small Humans sculpture features a wired log coated with a very heavy coat of clear epoxy and a video of myself cutting down a tree which I filmed in Tennessee.

Small Human Not Having Sex

A big glossy purple dildo. This piece is about sex. Well, what sex can become when taken to the limits of the synthetic: folly.

Small Human Chipping Away at God

A big glossy pill. Still need to make the video.

Small Humans Enjoying Freedom

The particular American folly of gun ownership. A 96"x36" digital print of a toy machine gun featuring videos that reference the DC beltway sniper.