Interactive Film Cut-ups (IFC)

IFC is an interactively created cut-up / cut-in movie. The movie is back projected onto a screen in the 911 window and is controlled / created by participants on the outside of the window. This allows unrestricted 24-hour access to the artwork.

IFC consists of multiple 8mm film projectors, multiple high-school filmstrip projectors, and multiple tape recorders. The 8mm movie projectors play short film loops. The high-school filmstrip projectors project static scenes. The tape recorders play short tape loops with dialog and/or music. All of the projectors are aimed at a single screen and combine to form a single movie. The lights of each of the projectors are controlled by separate switches which allows different combinations of the projectors to be used resulting in a large variety of possible movies. The switches are of a type that can be switched on and off through glass. This allows participants outside of 911 to interact and control the installation.


Each of the combined elements is simple in form, such as a single lit tree against a black background, or a girl skipping rope, or the sound of a crashing car, etc.

One of the primary goals of IFC is to permit and invite participation of the public despite the barrier presented by the glass of the window.