Flash Jacket

Flash Jacket is an electric media wearable sculpture. The jacket consists of a traditional men's raincoat and thirty salvaged electronic camera flash units connected to a unified power supply. The initiation of the flash units is controlled by a cascading array of transistors which can be initiated by either an embedded micro-controller or a performer with a push button switch.

Flash Jacket explores my desire to manipulate technology as a medium with the goal of highlighting the changing nature of our society. The primary element of the artwork is surplus technology. By setting the raw camera flash units in an unlikely context the viewer is prompted to question the relationships of these technological artifacts, to their purpose, their surroundings, and to themselves. The interactivity of Flash Jacket is complex and unpredictable; it combines the unknown elements of its surroundings with the intentions of the wearer to create tension and apprehension.

Flash Jacket can be displayed as a static installation or it can be worn by a performer. As a static installation the jacket is connected to an external power supply and the initiation of the flashes is controlled by a small embedded controller. When worn by a performer, the jacket is powered by a battery power-pack and the initiation of the flashes is controlled by a push button switch.

Flash Jacket will be shown at the Third Rail Arts Festival this fall.