Burning Man in 4 Space

The Burning Man is a beacon that attracts pilgrims from all directions. burning man in 4 space is a diagram of this beacon in 4 Space rendered in three dimensions. I was motivated to create this sculpture by its form, composition and materials (steel tubing, steel cable and fire).

In this sculpture, the burning man is suspended in the center of a hyper-cube which is sometimes called a tesseract. A tesseract is a four dimensional cube. We can create a diagram of a tesseract in three dimensions. To understand this it is useful to think of an analogous situation. We all know that it is possible to draw a picture of a (regular three dimensional) cube on a piece of paper using perspective. 

This is a 2-d diagram of a 3-d thing. burning man in 4 space is a 3-d diagram of a 4-d thing: a tesseract. 

What is the idea behind this? I have rendered burning man in 4 spatial dimensions as an analogy to the many cultural dimensions of the burning man event. It can easily sound clichéd but burning man is an incredible experience which draws people literally from around the world into a complex culture of many dimensions.  



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