To inflate is to grow, extend, expand, swell, distend.  Inflation can also
suggest growth out of control, to the point of chaos.

INFLATE is a hallucinogenic interactive environment created by Leslie
Clague, Paul Davies, Rachel Johnston, Sarah Morris, and Sean Vale.  With
sound by Mark Johnson and additional input from Brent Watanabe.

The environment responds to movement within the space.  Lights flicker,
sounds rise and fall, shapes grow and contract.  The brightly colored,
multi-textured installation is intended to be touched, interacted, and
played with.

The elements in the space function as hypertext; that is, they can lead the
viewer/participant towards several possible narratives.  What happened to
the people in the tyvek suits, and was it bad, or good?  Is that a flower
vine, or a chain of spores?  Are those giant vegetables?  Whether one
identifies as virus or victim, INFLATE stimuli to extend the story as far as
you wish to follow.

This exhibit is suitable for children.

1205 E. Pike Street (at 12th)
Seattle, WA 981xx
gallery hours Thursday-Sunday, 12-5

Opening reception:  Saturday, November 3 6:30-10 pm
Exhibit runs through Sunday, November 25