The CBU-24 Project

roto-mold casting of a BLU-26B

4 bomblets made with my new custom built (by me) roto-mold machine

I have begun to cast a limited edition of 665 of these anti-personnel bomblets. All together they make one CBU-24. There will probably be a number of different materials. This example is roto-molded in epoxy resin. The United States still makes widespread use of cluster bombs - a weapon that causes massive numbers of civilian causalities including many children. God bless America.

My work is an investigation of technology's role in changing and evolving
our culture. I often focus on aspects of human folly: how our pride and
hubris frequently push us to invent new things that have bad consequences
for humanity. Cluster bombs are certainly bad for humanity. Unexploded
cluster bomblets are often picked up by children, who mistake them for toys,
with predictable results. How the USA can continue to use such barbarous
weapons is inexplicable to me.

As an artist and a craftsman I strive to create 'beautiful' objects. These
resin castings are certainly beautiful. Their reality is quite the opposite.
Toy-Bomblet is a dichotomy of beauty and ugliness: a mirror of America