Small Worlds

Here comes the man with the luggage, The cat knows someone is coming

Lost Luggage

After moving to Antwerp Belgium I am embarking on a series of dioramas and photographs using the medium to tell stories.  The first of this is Lost Luggage, a collaboration with Isabelle Dro and a gift for a friend who just moved into a new apartment and is starting a new chapter on her life.

Next up is a long thin strip of forest, a piece of earth that joins two characters in a straight line. Between these two characters, a moment of a story is captured, the first story, an alternate future titled Before the War

Parley in Twilight

Before the War

Before the war really got started, before the south was burnt to ash and in the west millions died of thirst because there was no water, cooler heads tried to broker a settlement; not a peace, not something equitable, but simply to steer this ship of our nation from it's course towards the rocks and oblivion. As it was the custom in those days, fat people were sent to parley. Fat people were chosen because they were slow moving, easy to shoot and didn't seem threatening with all their stopping for rests, huffing and puffing for breath and always mopping the sweat off their brows. They met in that place, in the forest, where parleys were conducted, each party on it's own side of the river. We don't know what was said that day but we do know that it was all for naught. The war burned it all down and filled us all with sorrow.

4 Sisters

Four Sisters

They didn't like each other but they all loved the forest at twilight. Gift for my sister.

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009

Santa hanging in the forest with his sexy helper, Yolanda, not sure where Ms. Claus was when this was taken...

Sent as a Christmas card. Collaboration with Isabelle Dro.

Le Mariage

Le Mariage

Diorama of two cave dwellers whos' caves become accidently joined, and the ensuing results of this accident. Collaboration (!) with Isabelle Dro.