The Prayer Antenna

original sketch

At the New Museum                                                  (photo: Matthew Spiegelman)

With Supplicant                                                                            (photo: Matthew Spiegelman)


(This will be shown for the first time in the for the Transmission II: Airborne show presented by free103point9 and the New Museum of Contemporary Art in April 2005)

See the New Museum Airborne site.

The Prayer Antenna
The Prayer Antenna is part of a series of Religious Technological Artifacts that I am making. The Antenna receives signals from God (yes, your God). The Antenna currently takes the form of a surplus / thrift-store motor-cycle helmet (or similar) that is ornately ordained and fitted with sufficient technology to receive signals. The helmet bristles like a porcupine with many different antennas. The visor is blacked out. Integrated headphones allow the worshipper to experience the signals. Sufficient controls allow the worshipper to tune the signals. The helmet is mounted to the wall on an ornate arm (at around waist level) and a small kneeling stool is provided (like a prayer kneeler). To use the Antenna the worshipper must kneel on the stool and inset their head into the helmet. The wall and surrounding are painted with a decorative pattern.